Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fewer mushooms

Dad is AMAZING!! Last night he made the most food I have EVER seen any body make!!!

He made it all over the place! He made it on the floor, and on the high place that I can reach, and in the high bowls where water comes out, and on the walls, and on my bed, and all over himself too. I've made food before, but I've never (NEVER!) made or seen anyone else make anywhere near that much food before! He ever made it all over everything that is behind the low doors under the high bowls where water comes out. I never would have even thought to do that!!!

After he finished making it he looked really tired. And me and Mom came to help him to put it all away. I thought about eating some of it right away, but he worked so hard to make it all, it just didn't seem right for me to take it. Weird right? Mom says being a big sister is making me different. But mostly I think it is because Dad is not a very good cook... he uses too many mushrooms. I hope that next time he makes so much food he uses less.

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