Monday, February 10, 2014

That's bananas!

OMG!! I LOVE BANANAS!!!!! Have you had bananas? They are the best food EVER!!! Except for Peanut Butter... or maybe including peanut butter. I don't even know! That is how good bananas are!!

And I have never even had a whole banana. I see Mom and Dad eat whole bananas almost everyday. Sometimes I get to eat a bite of them. I'm supposed to sit on this bed or something if I want one. But I can never remember that when I see a banana, because they are the BEST and I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW as soon as I see it!

And I'm not the best at counting, but I think Dad ate two or three bananas today and that is not even fair! Because I want a banana. Just one banana. No I want ALL of the bananas!! I want them all right now!!! DAD STOP EATING ALL THE BANANAS!!!

And maybe I can have a banana with peanut butter at the same time! OMG! That would be the best (BEST!!!) day EVER!!! Is that too much? I promise to sit on my bed the lowest anyone ever sat on it!

And if you're coming to visit me. I can't wait for you to get here... Because you can bring me a banana!! I'll be sitting right here.

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