Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It is all because of him

All of the same things are different now.

Joining my pack is different... The way it is supposed to work -- the way it has always worked -- is that I get to sniff you and try to jump up and kiss you the MOST! And if you like it, then you get to stay. Also if you bring food, you get to stay. You pretty much get to stay no matter what, as long as you don't scream and run away. But this is different.

No one is letting me jump up on my little brother. No one is letting me sniff and kiss him anywhere near the most. And he didn't bring any food. NONE. Not any kind of food at all!! Also, I have heard him scream. He screams every time Mom or Dad put him on the tall flat box that I can't see on top of that is in the room they take him to scream. I have never heard someone scream so much (SO MUCH!) and NOT run away... so I guess he is still in my pack.

Other things are different too. Before, everyday was like this -- I would wait for everyone to wake up. Then I would take a people (usually Mom or Dad) on a walk in the morning, then watch everyone eat breakfast, then eat my breakfast, and then go back to sleep or just ignore everyone else until it was time to take them on a walk again. Then I would watch everyone eat dinner, and then eat my dinner, and then go back to sleep or just ignore everyone else until they went to sleep.

Now everyday is like this -- I wait for Grandma (who is here now -- what are the odds?!!) to wake up. Then I take her for a walk and watch her eat breakfast. Then I eat my breakfast. And then I go back to sleep. Later I take Grandma for a walk again, then I watch everyone eat dinner, then I eat my dinner, then go back to sleep. See the difference? I'm not ignoring them any more. Who saw THAT coming?!

And before, I would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and just start howling. I would howl for no reason. It was THE BEST!!! And Dad would jump up out of bed SO FAST. I never see him move that fast any other time!

But now I'm not making any sound at all and both Mom and Dad are jumping out of bed ALL THE TIME in the night!! They grab my little brother and go into the room that makes HIM scream... and then he does... he screams the LOUDEST and it makes ME jump out of bed!

And I still go to the most fun place EVER when BigFunGuy comes to get me! And I still have the MOST FUN EVER when I'm there!! And Dad still makes me laughs SO HARD when he runs the fastest he can, but is still barely really running at all!!! And it's all exactly the same stuff as before. But all of it is different now too. Because now I pay attention to all of it.

And it is all because he screams but doesn't run.

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  1. Change is tough. In the end, I think you will like your new brother - especially when he starts dropping food your way. Mark my words, it will happen.
    Love Noodles