Monday, January 6, 2014

Nobody's fool

I know what you're doing.

You are not fooling me with your super amazing gluten free peanut butter biscuits that Grandpa made just for me, and that you just covered with actual peanut butter and are about to bring to me. I mean, those are really, Really, REALLY great biscuits, so you should go ahead and bring them over already!!! I am laying on the food bed, so you will know that I'm being my best and should get food right away, the fastest!!! But you are not fooling me.

I know you are going to be the meanest to me again. I saw you pull it out before - the stuff that makes my back sting and burn the worst. And when you saw me see you, you put it down so I wouldn't run away. And that's when you went to the biscuits, like that's what all of this was all about. But I saw that you didn't put it away, so you are not fooling me.

And you're making me wait like the two things aren't about each other. But why else would you be getting out two (TWO!!!) biscuits! And I know they are going to taste SOOOOO GOOD!!! So I want them SOOOO BAD!!!! And I know you only give me food when I lay here the longest, so I'm laying here. I'm being the best layer that every laid. But I'm not fooled. I can hear you opening the other stuff. I know what's coming next.

But I love (LOVE SOOOOO MUCH) those biscuits! And I love (LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!) peanut butter! So lets just do this already. I'm on the food bed, and I'm waiting SUPER patiently. So go ahead and be your meanest to me... make me sting and burn all down my back... just don't forget to bring those biscuits! I'm not doing this for nothing.

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