Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dazed and

Sometimes I don't really know what is going on.

I know! It sounds crazy, right? I'm a grown up doggie now. I get stuff. I know what I need to know and how things work the MOST! Like, I know the sound my Mom or Dad make when they get up to get me food. Not just the sound they make when they get up. And not just the sound they make when they get up to get themselves food. I know the sound that means that they are going to get ME food. And in the same way, I know when they are going to go outside to my park, or upstairs, or when there is going to be a party on the other side of my house.

And I figured most of it out on my own, so I REALLY know it when I know something. But what I mean is that sometimes EVERYTHING outside of me just seems unknown and new all at the same time. And even though it all smells and sounds and looks just like it always does, I can't be quite sure what any of it means.

And it happened just last night. Because yesterday I went to Doggie Goddess and had another MOST. FUN. DAY. EVER! And that means I didn't sleep at all -- all day long! And sometimes when that happens, I get REALLY tired. You could say dog-tired, but since I'm a doggie that really doesn't mean anything -- anytime I'm tired, I'm dog-tired. But the truth is when I'm back from Doggie Goddess, I AM one seriously tired bitch.

And when I'm THAT tired, I get some things wrong. And I say and do some things that aren't right. Like last night when I sang a sad song about how I had to go outside right away because I was going to sick-poop. And like when I laid down at the front wall-way because I was going to sick-poop right there if no one let me out right away. And like when Dad opened the front wall-way and I jumped up to run outside to sick-poop, but realized as soon as I stepped out that I wasn't poop-sick at all.

And how in that same moment I realized that there was a party on the other side of my house that I had to go to THE MOST! And so I ran to the quiet pee-place to pee the fastest I could and then I ran back up and stood right at the front wall-way to the other side of my house. And I was so sure (SO SURE!) that even Dad thought there was a party there. So he pushed the thing that makes Auntie Kristen or Uncle Zak open the wall-way. And when Auntie Kristen opened it, I ran it to start the party!!!

And there was no one there! There was no party at all. There was just me standing in the middle of the room wondering what was going on. And even now I'm wondering what does any of it mean. What is real if everything you know suddenly doesn't mean anything it used to? I mean, does that sound crazy or what?

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