Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching back up

It is always the days that move the fastest that leave you moving the slowest.

Mom and Dad just got home... I knew they were here even before they even got here. Before they opened the front wall-way, I heard them talking in the hallway. Before that, I heard them stomping up the back stairs. Before that, I heard them slamming my car's enter-ways. And before THAT, I heard my garage gate open and close for them. But I still couldn't make it up all the stairs to meet them before they got inside... It is because there is something heavy sitting on my paws, my legs, my head, and even my tail.

Everything got heavy before I even got back home -- even before BigFunGuy put me back in my house... or in his car that took me home and that was filled with me and other heavy doggies. In the car, all the doggies could hardly move, but all of us could fall asleep wherever we put our heads down. Cinnamon-new-rug-smell was sleeping in the front seat with her head on Taco-saltine-smell's butt. Taco-saltine-smell was sleeping in the same seat with his head on the middle-stick-thing that is in between the two front seats. I was in the back sleeping with my head pressed against the window, while Coffee-macaroni-smell, Kitty-litter-flour-smell, Cheese-lung-smell, and Too-itchy all slept butt to face in line with me. We got this way after spending all day long playing non-stop at the happiest doggie place on Earth that is called Doggie Goddess. It was SOOO worth it!

When it was time to go home from Doggie Goddess, I wanted BigFunGuy to carry me into his car, because I was so heavy at the end of my play-day. But he just told me and the others to come and to get in the car, and I came and I slow climbed into the car because my head was too heavy to shake "No" and because I don't know how to jump into cars.

But I do know how to jump! At Doggie Goddess, today I jumped onto everything the MOST!!! I jumped up onto the upstairs couches and beds that are in the sunlight. And I jumped onto the outside big-toys that are in the backyard. And I jumped on Fish-sock-smell every time he grabbed the pee-ball!! And in between I ran the fastest I ever ran and I played tug-the-blanket with Too-itchy the MOST! And it was the most fun I ever had EVER, but it was over way too soon! Because I had just got there and then everything moved so fast. And then the day was over just like that!!

So now I'm moving the slowest, because I went too fast and that got me too far ahead of the day... And whenever you do that you become extra heavy until the day can catch back up.

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