Friday, December 20, 2013

That hand

You should scratch my butt.

You can start in the middle, just above my tail, then you can go back and forth on both sides of my tail. Because it feels SO GOOD when someone scratches it! Oh, and if I try to bite your hand while you're doing it, just ignore me, okay? You just keep scratching away!

When you scratch my butt - when anyone scratches my butt - it makes me feel the best! First, the buzzy-tingle starts at my butt. Then it moves up my back and my sides, and then it goes right into my head! And sometimes it is TOO much -- in the BEST way!! And then I have to turn around and to bite your hand because I love (LOVE!!) your hand SO MUCH! I mean, I'm not really going to BITE bite your hand. I just want to chew on it a little... More of a gnaw really... Just enough to keep the buzzy-tingle that slid up my body while you were scratching my butt from making my teeth tingle too much.

And it puts me in a dizzy-daze THE BEST too. That buzzy-tingle moves right behind both ears and then it jumps back and forth between them. It's on my left. No, its on my right! NO! IT IS ON MY LEFT... NOW RIGHT!!! NOW... OH DAMN I GOTTA BITE THAT HAND!!!! I kind of want to eat it all up, right now!!!

What's going on? What did you stop for? You were just starting to get it right the way I like it! Come back!

You should scratch my butt!

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