Friday, December 6, 2013

The best people

I love (LOVE!) people the most! Because people can be the BEST and they always have food. And the best (BEST!!!) people of all can be people I don't even know! Because they can come right to my front wall-way, knock on it, and just give food to us!!! That is AMAZING!!! And that is something a doggie would NEVER, EVER do.

And I don't ever know why it happens, but it happened again just last night!

I was alone... All. Day. Long. And it was starting to be a pain in my legs because they don't move for the longest time and then they just get more and more energy in them. And then I just want to run and jump and dig and play THE MOST!! But I'm just in a Downstairs with all the doors closed and no fun chewy-tasty things left on the high place anymore.

And then FINALLY Mom and Dad came back to my house. So I took Dad out for a walk, right away. And I pulled him the hardest because when you have as much energy in your legs as I did, you can never be going fast enough! But I still made all the stops you're supposed to make to sniff all the doggie updates, and to leave a few myself. You always have to show your people the right way. Because you should never give up on them even though they can seem hopeless and like they will NEVER learn the right way to walk around.

And getting back home is always the best even though we have never walked far enough to use up the energy in my legs. But the reason it is the best is that after our walk is dinner time! And that is when Mom or Dad go into the food-room and make the chopping, scraping, and stirring sounds that come before dinner (but really, it is almost always just Mom, because Dad is not good for much at all) and then the best smells I smell all day come out of the food-room. And I lay on the floor just outside of the room so that they won't angry-people-bark at me. And then I watch them eat dinner until they are done. And then they put their eating-circles away, and THEN it is time for my dinner!!!

Except last night that didn't happen. Last night when we got back from our walk, nobody went into the food room. Mom and Dad just got on their tap-boxes, and made "blah, blah, blah" sounds at each other. And I was getting worried because I couldn't hear food-room sounds or smell the best smells coming from anywhere, and so maybe there wasn't going to be dinner today!!? Maybe Mom and Dad ran out of food!!!! Maybe we aren't going to get any more food ever again, EVER!!!!

And that's when I heard someone I don't even know stomping up the outside stairs. And they knocked on our wall-way and then just gave Mom food! It was AMAZING!! And even though there were no chopping, scraping, and stirring sounds, there were still eating-circles and everything smelled the BEST again! And then after the eating-circles went away, my dinner came out. And it is all because people I don't even know came right up to my front wall-way and just gave us food. I mean, I never, ever would have thought to do that for anyone.

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