Monday, December 2, 2013

What's your thing?

There is one thing that doggies can't agree on. And it is something that every doggie has an opinion on. To me it is ridiculous that it is even a question. But if you ask another doggie, she will be just as certain as I am when she tells you the wrong answer. And the question is which is better: Beds or Blankets? And you can have whatever opinion you want, because lots of doggies and even people disagree -- But the answer is blankets.

Beds are gross. Beds are stuffed with smells that do not come from this Earth. Then they are sealed tight so that those smells only come out one tiny whiff at a time -- just enough to let you know that you are laying on something that is not right for you or anyone else that cares about being well, living right, and loving puppies!! When I get a new bed, I have to bite it to pieces as soon as my people aren't looking. This isn't a game! I'm not thinking my new bed is a squeaky toy. This new bed you brought home... this fluffy puff of sickness you made me lay on... is making everything spin inside-out inside of me.

Blankets are clouds pressed into cloth. They floated through the air until they got caught by flowers that smelled the BEST and then they all floated down onto the ground and got tangled up. Then someone found them there and brought them home for people (or better yet doggies!!!) to have and to sleep on. Blankets hold you when you need to rest, warm you when you are cold, and always, ALWAYS, let you breathe at your own pace. Blankets hold the world in the right place, and let you be all the way you.

But hey, you can have your own opinion... Maybe fluffy puffs of sickness are your kind of thing.

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