Sunday, December 8, 2013

The secret is out!

One of the best things about doggies is that we love (LOVE) to share all the best things we know with each other. We don't do secrets the way people do. We might know a thing that no other doggie knows, but that's only because we don't have doggie words to tell each other all about it - or because the thing we know is where we hid the food we couldn't finish eating... THAT is a thing we try out best not to tell each other about. But for anything else, once we figure it out, we try our best to tell each other all about it.

And yesterday I found out about a new thing that is the BEST new thing I ever knew! It is SO great because not only is it a sick new super power, but it is one that helps you tell other people and doggies new things even better!! People call it: Avocado.

Dad gave me some avocado yesterday for me to try. I ate the first part of it right away and I could tell already that this is a thing that is going to make me sick the BEST! But it seemed strange that Dad would be the one giving it to me, because he usually tries to stop me from finding the things that can make me sick with super powers. It seemed so strange that -- and I couldn't help it -- I stopped eating and looked right at him with my, "Are you sure about this? Really, really sure?" look. And he looked back and smiled with his, "I don't really know anything about this. Is it weird that you're not eating and are staring at me with that look on your face?" look. So I ate the rest of it. Then Mom looked up from her tap-box and said, "Blah, blah, blah" to Dad. And Dad say, "Oh, whoops."

And everything was normal for a long time. I didn't feel any super powers or sick in any other way. But later, after the outside lights went down, my insides started to feel like more. And I still had all of my energy, which was great! Things that make you sick with super powers AND let you keep all of your energies are the BEST of the BEST!!

And then my super powers got even stronger! They weren't just more of the inside-feelings -- They were starting to feel more like my insides moving out. Only when they came out it wasn't my insides, but just their smells that came out... They came out the LOUDEST! Even people could smell them all! So everyone know I ate something that could make sharing my secrets SO EASY! And if there were any doggies ANYWHERE close enough to smell me, they would know right away that things that people call Avocados are super-great for helping you share things you want everyone else to know about!

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