Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Can you hear me snoring? Because I can hear you listening to me snoring. I can tell when you are listening to me by the gaps in between your noises. You stop moving. You're not even turning your head. Then you slow breathe. And you don't blah, blah, blah, like you usually do all the time. That's when I know you are listening to me snore. Well that, and then you said, "Nima is snoring."

And yes, I was asleep when you picked up your eating circles after you finished dinner. I heard you eating. And then I heard you stop eating. And then you got up and I was right behind you, because I heard it was dinner time.

And yes, I was asleep upstairs after the longest day EVER. And you were downstairs and you put on your warm clothes without making any sound at all. And then you put on your shoes so quiet that no one could hear you. And then you picked those things you call keys without making any noise - not even one jingle! Yep. I heard you not making any sound at all... So I'm right here now, because I knew that meant it was time to go outside.

Doggies listen all the time, even when we sleep. Then we do stuff only when we hear it is time to do it -- so mostly we sleep. But people are the opposite. People do stuff without listening, so they never know when it is the right time to do it. That makes people have to do stuff all the time... so they complain about not getting enough sleep.

At least that's what I always hear people doing.

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