Monday, December 9, 2013

Visiting doggie

Visiting doggie, don't be scared. I just came over to say hi to you, and to play with you. You can come downstairs now! And when I come upstairs, you don't have to growl at me. I'm SUPER friendly! I love to play the MOST! Actually, I love to eat the most. Do you mind if I eat the food in this bowl that you didn't want? If you do, you can just come down and tell me.

Visiting doggie, don't be worried. I know your Mom and Dad aren't here right now, but mine are. And Uncle Zak and Auntie Kristen are here too. And they are all SUPER friendly, too! No one is going to be mean to you... Oh, are you not going to eat that cookie that Dad brought over for you? I can help you with that!

Visiting doggie, you came downstairs! Are you ready to play THE MOST EVER??? I know I... hey, visiting doggie! Where are you going? That's a people-pee-room! There's not really anything fun or yummy in there... um, how long are you going to stay in there?

Visiting doggie, you are too scared of everything. I want to show you how to have fun and share with you all of the things I know about my side of the house that Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak stay on. Like how to know when it is best to sneak into the food-room, and how to get Uncle Zak to sing just like a doggie, and how you can open this garbage can just by sniffing the lid right here! But maybe you're going to be scared of that too.

Visiting doggie, you have a big problem! You are so scared of everything that you never do anything. So you're never going to find out that you don't really have to worry about anything... except maybe that someone might come over and eat all of your food. That is a thing you might want to be worried about.

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