Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My park

I LOVE my park! It is THE BEST!!! I mean, it is not the best park E-V-E-R. But it is the best park that I can go to ALL the time, when my Mom or Dad go there with me.

My park has all the different kinds of doggies in it... Except the hater doggies. Those doggies don't usually go to the park. And if they do, they don't usually come back again. I guess they don't like it there. But lazy doggies, and hyper doggies, and lovie doggies all go to the park and we all have THE. MOST. FUN. EVER.

But what really makes the park is the best, is that we all get to bring our people there too. Well, most people just stand at the top of the hill and are still like trees. I think that's weird because... well... because that is just weird! Why would you go all the way to the park -- to the place where you can run, and jump, and bite, and pee, and dig, and chase, and poop, and bark, and roll in all of those things (except biting and barking - you can't roll in those things) -- and why would you go to THAT place, and then just stand still?

But some peoples, like my Mom and Dad, aren't like that. They like to run really slowly, like people do -- walking really. And they like to pick up the tennis balls and throw them. And THAT is THE BEST, because I can chase them and catch them right out of the air, until I can't hardly breathe anymore. And then I can take the ball away from them and just lay down with it... until they come too close. Then I can get up and walk away with the ball and lay down again. And if they don't want to play that game, I can play it with someone else at the park. Because it really doesn't matter whose ball you take at the park, they will follow you to try to get it back. And it's that kind of everyone-is-in-this-together feeling that I love the MOST about my park. You should come visit me there! We can play ball.

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