Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peaceful sleep

Oh falling asleep, I missed you SO MUCH!

I love (LOVE!) being with people, digging holes, eating SO MUCH food, chasing tennis balls, and sniffing poop that other doggies and especially that douchebag-coons leave behind. But when I have a few days in a row where I get to do all of those things the most (THE MOST, EVER!!), then I don't get to spend my usual time sleeping. So when I'm done having the most fun EVER, then the thing that I love, Love, LOVE the MOST is coming back to my main home and falling asleep FOREVER! (but not really forever,... just for a really long, Long, LONG time).

And when I wake up after sleeping SO LONG, I like to howl for no reason at the hallway outside of my bedroom until Mom and Dad wake up. (That never gets old!) And that way, we can all fall asleep together again and that is THE BEST! And then after we wake up and I take Dad outside to watch me pee and poop, then I LOVE to come back inside and go back to sleep... after breakfast. I still love to eat breakfast too much to miss that! Because then I can sleep all. day. long...

Until Mom takes me out for a walk because now Dad is sleeping too. And after Mom gets to watch me pee and poop, then I can go back to sleep until dinner time. I still want dinner. Don't even THINK about letting me sleep through dinner. I'm going to need all the energy I can get to fall right back asleep until it's time to go out and pee again before bedtime. And then we can all sleep in peace...

Until it's time for me to howl for no reason again.

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