Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Call it what you want

Today BigFunGuy came again and took me my favorite place EVER!!! I call it the happy doggie place, but Dad says it is called Doggie Goddess and that sounds right too. And when I go to Doggie Goddess, I play pee-ball, and this is what that means...

Pee ball is played with the ball that people call a tennis ball even though it is not what ten is. To win the game you want to keep the ball all for yourself. Everyone wants the ball so they come to take it from you. You can do anything you want to keep it, but if they stop you and make you feel smaller than them, then you have to pee on the ground, roll in the pee, and give up the ball. After that you can chase after the doggie that picks up the ball to stop them and take it again so that you will have it all for yourself. Doesn’t that sound like the best game EVER!!!

There are lots of ways to be good at pee-ball. You can be the fastest, or the strongest, or the meanest doggie. You can also take the ball and hide with it, or you can bury it. Once a doggie tried to eat it!! That would be a way to win too, but I only like to eat food that is food. Sometimes I run with the ball, and I can be fast, but I am not the fastest. The fastest is sugar-cage-smell. He is really skinny and I say he is shaped like speed itself. Sometimes I hide with the ball. But mostly someone finds me because there aren't really good hiding places at Doggie Goddess. So I have to get up and run again, or try to be mean. But I am not the best at meanness. So mostly I run just far enough, then I wait, then I run again some more. Dad says this is called strategy. I say you can call it what you want, but it is still pee-ball.

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