Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sniffing, digging, and pee-ball

Some things never get old.

Well, I guess everything always gets old, but some things are always still THE BEST! And the best (BEST) of all of them is waking up at Grandma's and going out in the backyard right away! Because in the backyard there are always new smells that came in over night. I can smell the different fuffy-tailed douchebags who came through already. And I can follow all the places that doucebag-coon went before he disappeared. And I can find all the places he pooped... and know for the first time that douchebag-coon poop is tasty. (No, don't even say "ew" until you try it!)

And in the backyard you can dig THE MOST, too! And you can bury a tennis ball. And then dig it up. And then bury it. And dig it up and then do it all again somewhere else. And that NEVER gets old... just dirty. It gets dirty the BEST!!!

And all the time I love (LOVE THE MOST) when Dad tries to play pee-ball with me. He is SO funny to me, because he is the worst at it! All people are. But he loves to play it with me so I let him think he might win. I pick up the tennis ball and run just out of reach, and then I crouch and growl and bark at him like he has me trapped. And then he makes himself short and holds his arms out wide and hops around at me - and that can make me laugh the ball right out of my mouth!! ...So maybe he's trying silly ways to win for real. But he still can't catch me, and he's never made me pee and roll in my pee, so I'm still the best at pee-ball! But he's the best at losing.

And even though I am getting older all the time, none of these things are -- They are just getting better! Because in between doing them, I can sit in the backyard in the sun and look around and remember all the other times I've played them before. And I can remember how fun that is and how it always makes me feel good and warm inside. And it makes me remember again that no matter what bad things might happen to me - if someone is loud too close to my house at night, or if I don't get the treat I wanted, or even if I have to spend all day in my car - there will always be good times in my Grandma's backyard, and with my Dad, and with my whole pack whenever else we all get together.

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