Thursday, October 10, 2013


Some doggies are haters.

You know them when you're walking down the street and they jump and growl at you at the end of the rope that is supposed to keep their people from getting lost... But now it is keeping them from killing you instead. You also know them when you're walking by their house and they angry-bark at you from the door or window right when you get up to it. And you know them, if you stay in front of their window too long because you just had to pee SO MUCH and you're sorry but no it just can't wait until the next yard, and they start biting, and shaking, and chewing anything they can get their teeth on.

They hate everyone who is not inside their pack. And their pack might be as small as just them, because they are hating so much (SO MUCH)!!! They might hate you because you are bigger than them, or you are too close to them, or you don't smell like them. Or they could hate you because they used to have a reason to hate someone, but they forgot what that was, so now they just hate you and everyone else and they don't even know why.

Sometimes they don't just hate people or other doggies or other animals. They can hate anything... like plants, or cars, or chairs, or sounds, or anything! Well, probably not peanut butter. I never heard of any doggie hating peanut butter. But you better just leave it in the middle of the floor when they're not around, because they will probably hate you for holding their peanut butter and hate the scoop thing you used to get the peanut butter out because it has the peanut butter that they want. So don't try to give peanut butter to a hater. If you need to give them peanut butter, just leave it out for them and go away fast... And as long as you have it out you can bring the rest to me!

Mostly I think haters hate because they are scared. They are scared, because you are a stranger and they think you are a threat to them or their pack. So we shouldn't call them haters. We should call them scaredy-dogs. I bet they would hate that.

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