Friday, October 11, 2013

Hyper doggies

Some doggies have SO MUCH energy. Dad says that's called "hyper". And I don't know why that is, but I do know that hyper-doggies are a pain in my butt. So that must be what hyper means.

And even though they are called hyper, hyper-doggies can be super fun at first, because they love (LOVE SO MUCH THAT THEY CANNOT STOP IT!) to play SO MUCH! At Doggie Goddess, where I go when I want to have the most fun EVER, there is sharp-smell. She is a doggie that cannot stop moving! Even when she is standing still, she is shaking, so really she is moving back and forth and not standing still at all. And if she does stop moving she has to start singing her bark-song right away. So even then she is moving right into your ears. She can be the best at pee-ball, though. Because even when you get her to pee and roll in it, she will try to pick the ball back up right away and be the pee-ball doggie again already! And that is just crazy! Only sharp-smell can have enough energy left after she has been downed to do THAT!!!

I'm a doggie with a lot of energy too, but I'm not a hyper, because I don't shake when I'm supposed to be standing still... most of the time. Sometimes I shake-still when I know BigFunGuy is coming into my house to take me to Doggie Goddess. As soon as he sees me, I run under the table, or up to the all the way upstairs so that he has to chase me. And sometimes I climb up on the best bed in the house that I can be on and look back down stairs to see if he is coming up to get me! And I can't know until I see him if he's coming or not!!! AND WHO CAN STAND STILL NOW?! AND MAYBE I SHOULD SHOUT MY FUN BARK AGAIN!!???

Okay, so maybe I can be a hyper doggie to BigFunGuy sometimes, but only for just a minute...

But there was also the time I ate too much chocolate and I became a hyper doggie for a whole day! It was the BEST and the WORST at the same time. I was sick with THE BEST super powers, because everything around me slowed down and gave me their speeds!! But I was also a hyper to my Mom and Dad... especially all night long, when I kept crawling under the bed and trying to stand up. I don't know why I did it. I just kept wanting to be underneath the bed and on top of the bed at the same time. So maybe hyper-doggies have super powers all the time! And maybe it is both the best and the worst for them too. Because they are trying to be everywhere at the same time, but they can't be. And so they must be hyper to themselves too!

And the problem is that they cannot stop moving even when they should be the most tired. And that means that they are still moving when YOU are all the way tired. And you do not want a shaking, singing doggie running all over you when you are all the way tired. So when they run over you, you nip at them. And when you nip at them they have so much energy they nip you back right in your butt. And that is why they are called hyper!

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