Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lazy doggies

There are some doggies who can be so lazy. They don't hate anything, but the only thing they love is nothing.

I love to play the MOST! Especially, when I wake up in the morning or after a nap, or when I go to the other side of my house, or when I meet someone new, or when I'm waiting for something to eat, or after I have something to eat, or pretty much every other time. I just especially love to play any time! But not everyone loves to play with me. I already told you about doggies that are haters. They don't want to play with anyone. They just want to help you die sooner. And I told you about doggies that are hyper. They'll play with you, but they never know when to stop... Not even when you're too tired to play anymore... that's why they are hyper. But there are other doggies that don't like to play at all either. They also don't like to run or walk or bark or even breathe... They do breathe. They just don't like it.

At the park, they come in and sit down right by the gate at the top of the hill. They lay down in the shade and they let out a big sigh, like it took all of their energies just to get through the gate. They don't want to play or even sniff other doggies and I don't even know why they come in at all! But they aren't mean to anyone, so nobody hates them back. I sniffed one once whose smell-name was flour-tomato-juice. It was one day when Dad and I went to the park and no one else was there yet. So as soon as I came in I ran right over and asked him the nicest to play pee-ball with me. He just stared back and panted so deep that it made his head move up and down. Maybe he was exhausted from having to find the shady spot that was closest to the gate, or maybe his head is really heavy and that's why he never wants to do anything. Or... maybe he meant YES!! So just in case he did want to play I found a pee-ball and started to run, but he was still laying down. So I ran past him the fastest, but he didn't get up. And I ran up to him and shook the pee-ball right in his face, and then jumped backwards to get ready to run away. And -- I don't know how he did it -- he laid down even more than all the way down! How is that even possible?! So I had to go ask Dad to play pee-ball with me...

But the point is that flour-tomato-juice wasn't bad or mean or angry. He just mostly wasn't anything at all. And you can't hate something that isn't anything. Even a hater can't hate you, because not-anything is the only thing haters don't hate. (Oh and peanut butter! There's no way a hater could hate peanut butter!) And even if a hater did start hating a lazy dog, it wouldn't matter to the lazy dog. He would just lay all the way down even more, and the hater would be left hating nothing, which is nothing to hate at all, and is something that even a lazy doggie can love.

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  1. I'm sure Duke would LOVE to play with you. He loves to play alone and especially to play with a playmate. You two sounds like two peas in a pod! --Jess & Duke @ Life with Duke