Monday, October 14, 2013

Lovie doggies

I love (LOVE!) lovie dogs the MOST!! Most doggies I know are lovie doggies... I'm a lovie doggie, and we love everything THE MOST!

In the morning when I wake up, after I lick my bed, and my paws, and my... and other stuff, I love (LOVE!) to visit Mom and Dad. When I was younger, I was SOOO EXCITED to visit them right away that I would find them and lick them the earliest! And I everyday I would be even more excited to visit them right away and I would get up earlier and earlier and lick them awake! And they loved it the most too, because they would scratch my head and let me lick their hands and then get up, and then they would let me take them for a walk. But one day, when I got to where I was getting up even before the day was up, Dad didn't scratch my head or let me lick him. Instead he just rolled over and fell back asleep. And it was such a clear way to say that he didn't want me to take him for a walk just yet that I LOVED IT THE MOST!! And I went back to bed and slept some more, which was THE BEST!!!

And in the afternoon, on days when Mom and Dad are out being lost because they left me behind when peanut butter told me to go downstairs, I love (LOVE!) to find something to chew up! When I was younger, I would find the chewiest things and pull them into the middle of the room. And everyday I would figure out a new way to open them up! And sometimes they had more chewy things inside that I could bite into pieces, and other times I could find the stinkiest things and chew them up even more!! And once I found where Mom and Dad keep my breakfast-and-dinner-food and I ate the most that I could reach. It was TOO MUCH, but I still couldn't stop because I loved (LOVED!!!) it SOOO MUCH! And everyday when I was all done chewing things up, Mom and Dad would come home and set up the room for the next day of fun!! There's not as much for me to chew up during my left-alone-times now, but that means I get to take the longest naps, which is THE BEST, too!

And at night, after I watch Mom and Dad make dinner (but mostly Mom, because Dad sits in front of his tapbox too much when he should be paying more attention to making dinner, so we can all eat sooner) and then they eat and THEN I eat my dinner, I love (LOVE!!!) to go Upstairs to the best bed in my house that I can be in. When I was younger, I didn't used to have such a nice bed just for me. I would have to lay in the soft-fake-choking-smelling beds that Mom and Dad would put on the floor for me. And whenever I would get one, I would love (LOVE SO MUCH) to tear it apart and pull all the fluffy out of it and spread it across the room!! Then the whole room was my bed, which was THE BEST!!! But with the best bed in the house that I can be in I don't have to take it apart because it smells the BEST EVER and it is already SO BIG, I couldn't possibly make it any bigger!

And that's what it's like when you're a lovie doggie. Because everything you can do is THE BEST! But the most best is being with your pack, and food, and treats, and toys, and running, and Mom, and Dad, and peanut butter, and Uncle Zak, and Auntie Kristen, and Uncle Corey, and Auntie Christina, and Uncle Diallo, and BigFunGuy, and ReallyFunLady, and TotallyCoolKid, and Grandmas, and Granddads, and everyone who is a person I have ever met or not!! Everything! Except those fluffy-tailed douchebags. I hate them the MOST! But I love (LOVE!) chasing them, so that's THE BEST too!

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