Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And now THIS!

Now Dad is gone, too!

I remember where we left him last. It was yesterday and everyone got up early and in a big rush. And we got in my car, which I love so I was SO EXCITED! Because we go to the best places in my car and I could really use a change after deer-chicory left. I thought we should go somewhere nice and dig the most! And I hoped that we would go to the beach that is near Santa Monica, because I haven’t been there in FOREVER! And you can dig SO DEEP and then you can smell like stinky-ocean-food!! But instead we just went to the place with the big flying cars.

And we were driving really slowly, and then Dad kissed Mom and jumped out of the car. Then he was behind the car and he waved at me. And then he was gone. And Mom drove away really slowly. And I told her not to go without Dad, but she did anyway.

And Dad did not come back last night. And Dad is not here this morning. And I don’t know if he can even hear me tell him my blog post, but I miss him and want to tell him to come home now… and to take me to the beach near Santa Monica.

And if you see or sniff him out there somewhere, tell him to come home… Oh! And tell him to bring food home too. Whatever kind is the most is the best kind.

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