Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slow day

I notice that some days start off slower than others. Or really some days people start off slower. Days start off at the same speed everyday.

Slow-people days can be the BEST! Because those are the days I get to spend the most time with Mom and Dad. Sometimes they stay home ALL DAY LONG with me!!! And I get to be in my best bed that I can be in, or in the sun on one of the balconies, or under the table licking their feet. I like to lick their feet because they smell the most and sometimes it makes Mom or Dad squeak just like a squeaky toy! But slow days can also be the WORST, too!! Because people are slow to do everything! They lay in bed the longest and take FOREVER to take a doggie out for a pee or give a doggie breakfast.

And today is a day where Mom and Dad started off slower, and it went just like this...

First, everyone woke up like usual, but no body left the room. Actually Mom and Dad both left the room but only one at a time - the way they do when they go to pee, because people can only pee one at a time - but then everyone went back to sleep... Like no one ELSE in the room who is not allowed to pee in the house wanted to pee... Or eat.

Then later everyone in the bedroom was awake again, but nobody moved. Instead, they just stayed in bed and used their people words for the longest time... it is okay. I'm just a doggie laying over here with nothing better to do today than NOT pee and NOT eat!

Then, finally, Dad left the bed. He put on his fast walking clothes (Yay! We're going to go for a fast walk again today!!!) and he went upstairs. I followed him and started stretching to get ready for our fast walk... that didn't happen - because today is a slow-people day. Instead, Dad got himself breakfast and sat down at his tap box. And Mom came up and got her breakfast and sat down with her hand box. And nobody ELSE in the house got breakfast, or got to pee, or went out for any kind of walk at all!

But then when Dad FINALLY finished breakfast, he put on his fast walking shoes, so I knew we really were going to go out for a fast walk (Yay!) but before I got any breakfast (Boo!). And the fast walk was really GREAT, because I wore my new necklace so Dad said sweet things to me the whole way, AND I got to pee and poop as much as I wanted!! And best of all, when we got back to my house, I finally got to eat my breakfast. And lick Dad's feet. So mostly slow-people days are the BEST and not the worst.



  1. we would sure love to see pictures of you in your blog!

  2. I like pictures too, but I LOVE smells THE MOST! I keep telling Dad we should figure out a way to post THOSE!