Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mom's best

My now-and-forever Mom is the BEST EVER!

She takes me to the park and throws the balls the best! She picks them up with a big stick and can throw them so far! But I like it best when she throws them low and makes them bounce up a lot. I chase'em down and catch them right out of the air while I'm still running!

She also knows right away when I'm sick with too many super powers. And then she gives me the food I want for right then, which is chicken and white rice. It is SO GOOD it almost makes me want to get too sick again! But that would not help me be ready-the-most for when I finally get the chance to catch one of those fluffy tailed douchebags! So I won't try to get too sick on purpose... just sick enough.

[Dad says you don't want to see this picture.]

She is also the one who gave me the best bed in the house that I can be in. It was when she was tapping on her tap box in the all-the-way-upstairs where this bed lives. I already wanted to be on that bed the most (THE MOST!!!) because it had the more smells in it than any of the other beds in my house. And when Mom would go up to do her tapping, I would follow her and wish I could be on THAT bed. Then one day when we were up there, I thought that I should just ask her if it would be okay! Because the worst she would do is just say "NO!" in her scariest loud-people bark voice. And she uses it all the time when I go in the food-room to help clean up, so I know it already!! So I stood right behind Mom and I asked her if I could be in the bed. I used my quietest look and I said, "?"

And I was a little surprised when she didn't turn around and say, "NO!!!" So I climbed in the bed right away and curled up the tightest I could so she wouldn't see me being too much in the bed. But I think she saw me anyway because I heard her chair squeak a little the way it does when she turns around. But she didn't say, "NO!!!" or "NIMA!!!" (which can also mean "Look at me", or "Here, I have some food for you", but in this case would just mean "NO!"). Instead all she said was "mmMMMm." Which I decided means, "Good Doggie!!!" because that's what I wanted it to mean the most!!

And THIS is why Mom is the BEST now-and-forever Mom EVER!!!

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  1. Moms are ALWAYS the best! Aren't they?
    Barks and licks and love,