Sunday, September 29, 2013

Everyday is different

Sometimes I hear Mom and Dad say that they feel bad for me because I have to do the same thing so many days. On days when they don't stay home with me, I wait in the downstairs hoping they don't get lost for too long. On days when they do stay home with me, I sleep on the best bed in my house that I can be on, or I lay down in the sunshine on the balcony. We go for our short walk in the beginning of the day and long walk in the end of the day. Unless we go to the park, where we play catch with the dead tennis balls, or if I go to Doggie Goddess, which is the best place ANYWHERE!

But the more the day is the same, the more you can notice that it is different. In the downstairs, there can be different colors and lights coming through the window, the sounds from outside are always changing, and the smells from each day lay down on top of each other making the smells taller all the time. I can hear my doggie neighbors sing their new bark-songs to each other, or smell the tree leaves outside getting older, or watch the sunbeam sneak across the floor, making some parts smell louder than others - and it's different parts on different days.

When you make things too different, you don't know what is changed and what is the same. So how can you tell if something is the way it is supposed to be? On our fast walk today there was a new water bowl, but there were so many other doggies' smells on it. Who's bowl was it? Is it the same doggies every day or is this a for-anyone bowl? Maybe when I smell it a few more times, I'll know who it is for. And when we moved from my old home to my home in Santa Monica, we changed EVERYTHING EVERYDAY! We moved into a new home every night, and every day we left to find an even newer place. It was SOOO confusing and scary. After a while I couldn't tell if it was everything else that was changing or if it was me!

If you get used to changing everything all the time, then you might think that one day can be just like another day. After a while, you can't see or smell how something is different, because you get used to not ever seeing or smelling it more than once. But if you live a life where you do the same thing everyday, then you know that no matter how hard you try, you can't do it the same. It can't be done, because no matter how hard you try, everyday is already different.

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