Saturday, September 14, 2013



I’m so glad!! I missed you!! Did you know it? You were gone so far away that I could hardly recognize your smells when you first came back... You’re all covered in so many yummy new smells!! Especially you Dad – you’re just a great big mess of smells! You guys smell like you were at the ocean but not the one near here. And you smell like you used lots of sunscreens and bug sprays and... who cares – DID YOU BRING FOOD BACK FOR ME??

Oh. Okay. Maybe next time.

But I’m glad you’re back! I’ve been having the best time with Uncle Diallo!! I taught him how to walk me faster and I took him to the park and showed him how to throw lots of balls for me. And he knows how to give me the MOST peanut butter I EVER got! Can he stay here forever?

Oh. He’s already… Well. Okay.

But maybe he can come visit again A LOT and take me on fast walks. (And Uncle Diallo, you can also bring as much peanut butter and other treats as you want… Because those are the best kinds. And even if you want to just sit and tap your tap box all day you can do that here too, because I like the sound of it now. ) But the best would be if we all went to the park right now!!! Can we go now??

Oh. Okay. Maybe tomorrow then.

But maybe you guys are hungry now? Maybe we should start dinnertime and you can eat and make me watch, and smell, and wait like we used to. Then when you’re done I can have my dinner time?

Oh! Okay! I think that’s the best idea too!! I’m so glad you guys are back!!

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