Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Boys are so hard! Why do they go away?!

Yesterday, I told you about my new forever-boyfriend, deer-chicory. And I told you how we kissed and slept together (What, Dad?... Why do I have to use that word in… Okay, whatever) … how we kissed and napped together. And how I love (LOVE!) him the most. But now he is gone!

He was SO NICE to me! Why would he leave me? He didn’t even say ANYTHING! So what happened?! He sniffed and licked me and let me run around him just like he cared the most! And we had the BEST nap -- I never felt so rested and he loved it too! Did you see our picture?

Look at his big smile! He is SO HAPPY!!! But now he is gone. I don't get it. This can’t be real!

Did I do something wrong? I can be a better girl-doggie-friend! I won’t spin and run around in circles so much. Or I can spin and circle more, if that’s what I should do. I can show my belly more… or less… just tell me what I am supposed to do!!

But why would you be SO NICE and SO HAPPY in front of me and then just leave?! What kind of forever-boyfriend are you? Not a very good one that’s for sure! You are a bad-boy-doggie and maybe you are the one that needs to change! Maybe you should try spinning or running in a circle for once! It’s like you weren’t even trying!! And you are blowing it, because everyone says I’m the cutest and sweetest doggie EVER!


Boys are so hard. Nobody knows what they want… especially boys. I don’t know why I have to love boys so much. It is not fair. And it is too hard. And it will always be like that! So what good is it? I feel small inside… I just want to be in my downstairs bed.

But… I guess… boys CAN be the nicest. And it was a really amazing day… And maybe it’s not anyone’s fault. Maybe relationships are just hard. And maybe next time, when we meet someone new, we’ll both know more that it won’t always be easy. And if we know that, then maybe it won’t be so hard either.

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  1. Well, you did your best pretty lady! Don't worry, Nima, he might come back or another charming boy might come around... but he'll still be a boy!