Monday, September 30, 2013

Knowing the hiding place

Yesterday Dad showed me that I don't know much about my hiding place.

It started with Dad going out to my hiding place on the balcony. At first, I thought he was looking for my wood-bone or my sock-ball. But he found them right away and just moved them away... I need to get better at hiding things, because he found them way too quick!

Then he started looking for something else. I don't know what it was, but he was looking the hardest EVER! First he pushed the dead leaves back out of the way, but he still didn't find whatever-it-is. Then he brought out a bag and put some of the dead leaves inside. And then he did it some more. And he kept doing it until the whole bag was filled up. But Dad STILL hadn't found whatever-it-is yet, so he checked the bag to see if it had sneaked in -- He was looking so hard that he crunched up all of the dead leaves until the bag got small again. And then he started putting more dead leaves in it. So I knew he still hadn't found it, whatever-it-is.

And he kept trying to find whatever-it-is until finally all (ALL!!!) of the leaves on the balcony were gone! And he STILL hadn't found it! SO HE STEPPED OFF THE BALCONY!!! ...onto the roof that is just past the balcony gate... AND HE KEPT LOOKING FOR WHATEVER-IT-IS!!! He got more bags and kept stuffing dead leaves into them and then crunching them up. And then, when he finally stopped, all of the dead leaves were all the way gone! But I still didn't see whatever-it-is that he was looking for.

And neither did he, so we took all of the bags down into the garage to look through them some more. I stopped for a quick pee in the quiet pee place, and when I came into the garage,... all the bags were gone! And that's when I got it. He wasn't looking for a whatever-it-is in the hiding place... He was hiding the whole hiding place! And he did all his hiding right in front of me!! And he did such a good job, that I never even saw where he hid any of it!!!

And that's when I knew that Dad knows the most about hiding things (AND places!!), and that I need to do a better job of knowing him.

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