Thursday, September 5, 2013

What matters most

I DID IT! I convinced Mom to go back to the flying car place and look for Dad… And it worked! I FOUND HIM!!!

And he was just standing outside not far from where we left him. I felt bad that he was lost all that time, but I’m glad he was still there! That was really smart – If you get lost, you should stay where you are or else you’ll end up somewhere different and no one will know to look for you there... It would have been even smarter if he had sniffed his way there. Then he wouldn’t have been lost at all, and he could have just followed all the right smells back home. But Dad has never been THAT smart.

And then we were all in my car together and Mom and Dad kissed, and then Dad scratched my head the way I like the most! And then we slow drove around the flying car place a while longer and then we drove home… which was disappointing because I still wanted to go to the beach near Santa Monica… AND even though he smelt like he had eaten some new food, he didn’t have any with him. So I guess that means you didn’t get to tell him that I wanted him to bring some home.

But if you do ever see or sniff him out there, you can STILL tell him to bring food home! Whatever kind there is the most of is still the best kind!!

And anyway, I found him. So now he’s not lost, and THAT is what matters the most.

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