Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forbidden fruit

I knew I wasn't supposed to! I already knew it when I first smelled it. But it just smelled so tall under all of those leaves behind the pee tree where no one could miss it! So it had to be SOOO good!!

And someone already ate half of it! They chewed right through one side and ate into the middle. But they left SO MUCH! Maybe it was too much for them. Or maybe they already ate enough to get sick with the right amount of super powers. Or maybe they ate this much and then died... But probably they didn't die, because there is another one right there that's half eaten too. They won't miss one.

I shouldn't take it inside.

I need to take it inside.

Whaf dat? Ohm myeah, i forgof to sch-pee. Righ! Here, i'm sch-peeing, i'm sch-peeing! Now lef go bach inside.

Okay, let's take a look at you... Wait Dad, please don't take that! Where are you going with... No, please don't... don't put it in the garbage! It's not all the way dead yet!! I just want to chew it up first, and get some super powers from it... Then you can throw it away the most!

I knew I wasn't supposed to bring it inside. I probably shouldn't bring in the other one when I go back tomorrow.

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