Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vacation's happening

People go away a lot. They go away every day. Sometimes they go away for more than one day and it can be a long time. Mom and Dad are just like that. And they never tell me first. They just get up from wherever they are sitting, put peanut butter on a kong, take me downstairs, and then they walk out… Except this time.

This time Dad told me that he and Mom are going on a thing called a vacation. He said that they will be gone for more than a day, and that it will feel like a long time. And he said that I’ll stay here with Uncle Diallo, who will sit on my house and go on walks with me and not let me in the food-room, but still make sure I get fed. He said that Auntie Kristen and Uncle Zak will still be on the other side of my home too, and that I might get to visit them and that I will still get to visit my pack at Doggie Goddess. So basically, it will be just like right now, but not with them.

But there are a lot of things Dad didn’t say. He didn’t say WHY they were going away. He didn’t say WHERE they were going. He didn’t tell me HOW they were going to get there AND back without getting lost. He didn’t even really say WHEN they would be back, or WHAT they would be doing. So basically, he still didn’t tell me anything.

And that’s what people do. They go places and do things and don’t tell you what is going on. And you have to just wait for them to come home. And hope that they don’t get lost again. And hope that they remember to bring all the food you asked for – which they NEVER do!

And maybe you should trust a doggie! I’m the one who keeps finding you when you get lost! And I’m the one that keeps you from getting lost on our walks in the first place. And I’m the one who… I’m the one who gets… who gets left behind all the time. But now at least one thing is different. Now at least I know that it is vacations that keep happening to me.

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