Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Existential Dog

I'm a doggie, and I live the life of a doggie. I smell, hear, taste, and see a doggie world. I am as smart and as dumb as a doggie is. And you should listen to me, because you can't know what I know. Because you can't smell, or hear, or taste, or see what I... you know, all of those things. I might be standing right next to you, but I live in a TOTALLY different world.

My world is made of so many smells (SO MANY!!!). And they never blend! They stand next to each other like grass blades and hold their ground just the same. And they can work together to make bigger things, the way grass blades can make a lawn, and hairs can make fur. And smells never die! They wave at me in the wind, and then they lie down on top of each other making the world smell taller than before.

And my world is filled with sounds of action. They cut through my smells and make my world move. They lift my ears and turn my head, and they lift my paws and pull them forward. Then they disappear like dreams... They can be chased, but never caught.

My world is filled with fuzzy sights. Crisp smells and sounds bend light before my eyes even know it. Is that you waving at me from the top of the hill? In between us are visions dancing with delight. The moving ones I can catch in my mouth. They're not dreams, but they taste just as sweet!

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