Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Growing up

Maybe I am growing up. That's what Mom and Dad say when I stay sitting where they tell me to sit after a person knocks on the wall-way.

I love meeting people so much (SOOO MUCH!!!). Especially when they come to my house, or I see them at the park, or on our walks, or anywhere else... Okay, I just especially love to meet people no matter where it happens. So when Mom or Dad tell me to go "over here" and "sit." It is hard (SO HARD!) to do. Well... It isn't hard to do it, it is just hard to KEEP doing it once Mom or Dad opens the wall-way. Because once you open the wall-way, everything is different.

When the wall-way opens after a person knocks on it. It usually means that there is at least one person outside... and maybe more than that. When I sat down before the wall-way opened, my pack was just me and Mom and Dad. But once the wall-way opens my pack might be a whole bunch bigger! There could be new people, or people I know already, or tiny people, or doggies, or all of them at the same time! Mom and Dad said to sit before, but now my pack is totally different. What does my pack need me to do now? Where does it need me to be? I better go find out!

And besides Mom or Dad are already through the wall-way meeting the rest of our pack, and sniffing and wrestling with them. And now I'm not with them and a doggie should be with her pack! And why am I sitting over here and not helping my pack which is already doing something so important?

And most of all, when the wall-way opens, your house is bigger all at once! Because now your house is the same with the rest of the world. Everything that is anywhere in the world can know how to come in. And everything that is in your house can know how to get out. And the air outside comes right in and right up to you and says, "You're not inside anymore, now you are outside." And the air inside goes out too. And if you chase it outside, it says, "You're still inside!" So everywhere has changed! When I was told "here" and "sit", I went and I did. But now here is not just here anymore it is also out there! So where was I supposed to sit again?

But I found out that Mom and Dad like it when I keep sitting, which is different from staying here, since here can move so quickly. And it is different from doing what Mom and Dad are doing when they are sniffing and wrestling with people at the wall-way. And it might be different from doing what the pack needs, now that the pack is a new pack. And maybe I am growing up, if that is what all that means. But maybe it is Mom and Dad who are growing up and not me. Because they finally get why I can't stay sitting when the wall-way opens, and they learned that they should say "sit" and "stay" and "here" AFTER they opened it.

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