Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheating faces

People all kind of look the same to doggies. You guys all stand around on your rear legs and let your front legs hang down at your sides, and your head just sits way up top. You're all just tall skinny things that kind of look like the pee-poles - I mean trees - outside.

But, I'm sure it's not the first time you've heard that.

But one thing that looks different on some people is the furry faces you can have. Most people who come into my house don't have furry faces, so I need to sniff them to know who they are. But once in a while someone comes in with fur all over their faces, and I know that they are not the same people as everyone else right away! And it makes me wonder how people without fur-faces can tell each other apart so well, when you all look so much alike, and when none of you sniff each other. And I think I figured it out.

You guys cheat.

And I'm not yet sure exactly HOW you cheat, but you definitely do it. Because you know right away who is who, when there's no way you could know! Maybe you put something on the tops of your heads that I can't see or smell that gives it away. Or maybe you hold something inside your mouths and show it to each other when I'm not looking. Or maybe you use a special code like scratching your neck, or touching your nose then your ear then your eye and then your nose again, and I just thought you were being nervous or had a rash or something.

But however you do it it all means the same thing... You are all cheating. It's like when I go to the park with my Mom or Dad and they throw the tennis ball, but don't really throw it. That's cheating! Because it means that they don't have to go find another ball after I catch the one they throw and then don't bring it back. And Mom and Dad also don't have furry faces and it can be hard to tell apart without sniffing them, so now that I think of it, they are cheating me all the time, not just at the park!

And you think it's okay, but I've seen a doggie get confused at the park and pee on a person instead of a tree. And I'll tell you this, the person who got peed on did not have a fur-face, but his face did change colors. And it is because they were caught cheating, so they got what they deserved.

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