Monday, November 18, 2013

Mind control

So there is this thing called a blog that is on some thing called the web, and it is about what a person thinks a dog is thinking about. And the weirdest part of all of this is that, to me, none of these things even is.

To me, a blog is just noises that come from Dad's tap box when we sit in front of it. And the web is something he tries to tell me about, but I've never even smelled it. And who knows where what he thinks I think about even comes from? Am I telling him what to write? Does he figure it out from the way I do the things I do? Do I make him think things right inside his head?

Most of the time, what I'm thinking about is when is this guy going to get up and feed me again. Or -- is he going to finish all of what he's eating, or is he going to see that I want some of it too and then share it with me? Or -- is this one of those times that I'm supposed to sit or lie down to get food, or is it one of those times when it doesn't matter what I do, because I'm not getting any of it no matter what I do? And then there is peeing... When is it time to go out again so I can pee? Why is it okay to pee on these small rocks that are hard, but not that flat hard place that we were just walking on?

And if he's really hearing the things that I'm thinking, and writing it into something on a blog, and posting it onto something called the web so that you can read it... Then why does he keep tapping that tap box when it is clearly time to go pee then get something for me to eat?

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