Thursday, November 7, 2013

Send more new things

I love (LOVE!) new things the MOST!

And it seems like everyday new things keeps coming to my house! It comes in boxes that Mom and Dad bring in from outside. And inside of my new boxes are things that are small and soft or small and colorful. And I'm pretty sure they would squeak if Mom and Dad would just let me bite them even a little bit!

And they are all SO tiny, so they have to be for me! Because they are not things that Mom or Dad could use, and who else is there? And now that Dad finished being crazy in the downstairs, he is putting all my new stuff in the room that used to be my first bedroom, but that now has the nest that my pack's new baby will go into. And that is great for me, because when the baby comes, I will spend ALL of my time in there protecting him. And so I will need lots of toys to keep me active and ready to fight the animals that try to come eat him... and they will come. They always come.

That's why, when you are a big doggie sister, your job is never done. Because people babies are so small and clumsy and weak. And they stay that way forever (AND EVER)!! So I will be in that room and by that nest for the longest time. So if you are a person that is sending me all of the new small, soft, and squeaking things - Thanks the MOST!! Dad will make sure they are safe until I need them to help me protect my pack baby. Then I will make sure they all get chewed up until they don't help me anymore. And then you can send me more new things... because protecting a new baby brother is really hard work. But I have to do it, because I already love (LOVE!) him the MOST!

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