Friday, November 1, 2013

Send help!

How do you know when a person has gone crazy?

Now that I'm a grown-up doggie, I know a bunch of things. Like I know when something running away from me is just a rock that Mom or Dad kicked, or when a fluffy-tailed douchebag is too far away for me to chase right away, or that poop is a thing you only have to sniff, not lick or eat. But sometimes I see something new... something that I've never seen before, and that I don't know how think about, and that makes me fell less safe inside... like when one of my now-and-forever parents goes crazy.

First, Mom is gone. I don't know where she went. Everyone was acting weird last night. They were packing up things like we were going to go on a long trip. So I sat in front of the front wall-way to make sure they wouldn't forget to take me. But then no body went anywhere. They just sat down in front of the noisy-flat-box like most other nights and acted like nothing was different. Then everyone got up early this morning - Dad made me go out right away and it was so dark out that I forgot to poop. Then things got normal again - peanut butter told me to go Downstairs like it usually does and after I ate it up, and freaked out because I was all alone, and then passed out, and then woke up, and then went back to sleep because I was still all alone, and then heard them come home, I came Upstairs and it was only Dad. And Mom never came home. And then Dad went crazy.

But before that I thought I was the one going crazy, because I swear I heard Mom's voice. And maybe it was Dad making one of his funny voices, because he was talking back to Mom's voice while he was eating dinner. Maybe he was really just talking to himself and maybe that was the first sign he was going crazy. But I didn't think about it right away, because he fed me anyway, so what does it matter.

But then it really got bad... he stopped talking at all. He went Downstairs and his hand-box started screaming noises at him. And he started taking everything - EVERYTHING! - out of my other bedroom. He rolled out the things on wheels, then he carried the things that are boxes, then he carried the bigger things that don't usually move, then he carried the giant chair out, and then he carried the biggest things that are only moved when we change homes. And now they are all in my main bedroom, and on the bed I can't be in, and in my Downstairs hallway and there's almost no room anywhere at all! Except in my other bedroom, which is all the way empty!!

And then Dad stopped. And he turned off the lights, and he closed the door to the empty room, and he went Upstairs. And I managed to get him to type out this post, so that I could tell you that Dad is crazy and you need to send help fast, because it means he might not remember to feed me tomorrow morning, so now it matters.

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