Monday, November 4, 2013

Crib notes

When you're a grown-up doggie, you can still see new things and you can still learn new things. This weekend, I saw my Dad go crazy. So this weekend, I learned what it means to go crazy.

When you live with a crazy man, you never know what is going to happen next. At first, everything can seem normal... you can wake up and go for a nice walk, and then watch him eat breakfast, and then eat your breakfast - just like every other day. Then, out of no where, his hand-box can start screaming noises, and he can start taking everything - everything you know and live with everyday - apart and away!!!

Your bed? Gone. The bed you can't be in? Gone. The room and space and smell you know the best? Gone, gone, GONE! Things you didn't even know COULD be moved are gone!! But that screaming noise from that hand-box? That noise is still there. Singing your sad-bark song can't stop it!

And then he opens that can, and brings out that smell... that CRAZY smell... the one that slides into you and makes your head chase itself in circles. It makes all the noises sounds slower. It makes your legs shake on the inside. It's like getting super-powers that are turned around inside of you! It's time to lay down.

Dad can't be stopped!! He wants to rub that stinky-head-spinning-can-stuff on every part of every wall! He just got it in his hair! He's putting it on his hands!!! Is he going to put it on me?! I am out of here!!!

This weekend, I learned that craziness is something that can go on FOREVER!! Once it starts, it can't be barked at. It won't slow down. And it won't take a break.

This weekend, I learned that the rest of my life will be filled with a crazy Dad. Because at the end of this weekend, I saw that this was just Dad when he is nesting. This is just Dad getting ready for the baby that Mom is making to add to my pack. This is just Dad getting ready for the rest of his life!!!

This weekend I learned that this is going to be the new baby room. And this is the new baby crib. And this is where I'm going to poop, so that no one will smell the baby and try to come eat it. And this is what it means to go crazy.

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