Friday, November 1, 2013

Color blind

Dad says I'm color blind. He says most people are not, but that all doggies are. But that can't be true, because I see all kinds of colors! I see bold blues, and sparkling golds, and warm yellows, and refined grays, and... What Dad? Gray is not a color? That doesn't even make sense! How am I seeing it if it is not a color?! The point is I see colors, so I can't be color blind.

And even if there are some other colors I can't see, so what? Who cares? What does color tell me that is so important? When I see a yellow doggie, or a golden doggie, or a brown, or black, or gray doggie. What does that tell me about the doggie that I need to know?

When I smell a doggie, I know where they've been, I know who they were with, I know what they've been eating, and I know if they are sick with super-powers! Does the color of a doggie tell you all of that? And if I hear a doggie - if she is crying, or barking, or even just being quiet on purpose - I can know if she is sad, or playful, or scared, or sleepy, or so many other things that her color doesn't tell me.

And if I see how old a doggie is, I can know even more about her... If she is a puppy, I already know they she doesn't know anything at all, but that she already wants to play SO MUCH! And if I see a grown-up doggie, I know that she knows a lot of things, but she still probably wants to play. And if I see an old doggie, I know that she knows so much that playing probably isn't fun anymore, because she already know if she's going to win or lose even before you ask her to play.

And if I watch how a doggie acts for just a few seconds, I can see if she is a doggie that loves other doggies and people like I do. Or if she is a doggie that hates everyone and maybe even every thing. Or I can see if she is a really lazy doggie that only loves to do nothing. Or if she is a hyper doggie that is going to be a pain in my butt. And I can also see if she is smiling, which tells me she is happy. I can see if she is yawning and licking the air and looking away, which tells me she is nervous. I can see how high her tail is, and how fast it is moving, which tells me how much energy she has. And if I see her tail is between her legs, then that tells me that she is super scared and that now would be the BEST time for me to jump on top of her!!

And I don't know of any color that can tell me any of those things. So maybe I see colors AND maybe I am color blind at the same time. Because maybe color blind doesn't mean you don't see colors. Maybe it just means you don't let colors stop you from seeing what you really need to see. And maybe more people should try to be color blind, too.

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