Monday, November 11, 2013

Nesting needs

Nesting for a people-baby is a lot of work. At least Mom and Dad make it look like a lot of work. Because all you really need to do is find a good hiding place, tear up some branches and leaves, put down a lot (A LOT!!!) of cover smell, and then you're done. But that's not how Mom and Dad are doing it. They are adding a lot more steps already, and they've hardly even started the right ones yet!

I already found the perfect hiding place in the Downstairs a long time ago. And everyone agreed it was the best, and that's right where we're building our baby nest. So that's great! (And please don't tell anyone where it is, okay!) But we haven't even gotten to the tearing up branches and leaves part yet. Instead Dad took everything that was in there out. Then he rubbed stinky-make-your-head-chase-itself-in-circles stuff on the walls, which I thought was a good idea at first, but then it stopped stinking and my head stopped circling. So what was that all about?! Then Mom and him moved new stuff in the nesting place - but none of it was branches or leaves! A lot of them were in boxes that came from outside and they took them apart and started tearing up the boxes... so I thought GREAT! Now we're getting to the nesting part! But Mom and Dad just put all that good stuff in a pile and then carried it back outside!! Then Mom and him started putting the stuff that was inside the boxes together into different shapes. And I wanted to help them doing whatever this was that they were doing, so I watched the CLOSEST that I could. But it looked like you had to use the tools that only people's weird paws can wrap around... Someone needs to make tools for doggie paws, because I would be the best (THE BEST!) at helping!!! But I wasn't any help because there weren't any tools for me.

And then they put a new cover on the ground and Dad started putting his scent on it right away. He laid down on it the flattest - just like a lazy dog! - and he started smushing his face into it. And Mom sat on him and smushed him down even flatter. So this was a part I knew I could help with the most! And I stepped right on Dad and then I smushed my face onto his and when he would smush it the other way, I would smush my face onto the other side of his face. And everyone was SOOOO happy that I was helping and so I laid down to and let Mom and Dad scratch me so that I could put as much of my fur onto the new cover as I could. And that worked great too, but it still isn't any of the right steps that we need to do to put the nest together. So there is still a lot of work to do. And if you want to help, you can send us lots of leaves and branches! And as long as you're sending us those things, can you send me food too? Whatever kind is the most is my favorite!!

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