Sunday, November 17, 2013

Most surprised

That was the best (BEST!!!) surprise party I EVER had!!! And the best part was that I didn't even know I was going to have it!

Normally when I have a party, I have it on the other side of my house where Uncle Zak and Auntie Kristen stay. And I always know when I'm going to have it because I hear the people coming to join my pack over there even before I leave the side of my house where my Mom and Dad stay. And then, normally, we go down to the quiet pee place behind my house first and I can already hear my party going on. So I pee and run back up the fastest!! Sometimes I'm so fast that Mom or Dad don't even make it all the way down to the pee place before I'm coming back up.

But this time was not normally. This time everything was different. First Auntie Suegene came all the way over from I don't even know where - because it smelled like she's been living somewhere I've never been before... somewhere with tiny cats, who I want to meet the MOST! But she came by herself and joined my pack and now she sleeps in my Upstairs bed that is too tall for me to get in. And then after me and Mom and Dad and Auntie Suegene all woke up, we started making the best (THE BEST!!!) smells come out of the food-room. Or at least Mom and Auntie Suegene did. Me and Dad were busy doing other things... We started moving the whole inside of my house around. And all of the sudden, we had more chairs than I've ever seen before. And Dad was moving the outside-smell-dusts off of both of my balconies. And then there were more chairs than I've ever seen out there too, because that was when Uncle Zak brought over SO MANY MORE chairs! And that would be pretty exciting, except I don't use chairs, and I still didn't know there was going to be a party or more people. So I would have been much more excited if Uncle Zak had brought over something good like food... But chairs was a thing to bring over, too.

And then other people I hardly ever see before came over plus Auntie Kristen came over, too. And everyone started putting blue things on the walls. And then there was even MORE food... Even some from Uncle Zak! So I started to get really excited, and I thought, "This is starting too look... just like... a PARTY!!!" And the next time the door opened up I RAN out the door and straight down to my quiet pee place the FASTEST I EVER RAN and I peed and ran back up again EVEN FASTER!!! So NOW it was a party - and I ran in a big circle around the couch and did a spin with my butt really low, and everyone got happy because I just started the party!

And then SOOOOO MANY MORE people came over! And there was SOOOO MUCH FOOD! And it was the biggest my people pack has ever been!! And there were even tiny people who I got to lick on the face, and some of them didn't even scream the loudest at first. So I knew I was being the best hostess EVER!

And there were the MOST presents I have ever seen too! Mom unwrapped them for me, but there wasn't enough time to open them all the way yet. I mean I just can't wait to play with all of the things that are in this one!!!

But it was such a big party, I didn't know what to do. There wasn't any more room to run my circles, or do my spins, and everyone was playing with each other the best, already! And that made me happy because that meant my pack was big and happy. So I just kept walking around and making sure everyone was still happy the whole time. And before I knew what to do next, people started to leave. And there were less and less of them. And I realized that I hadn't hardly asked any of them if they had any food for me. And no one was more surprised about that than me... except for Dad. That was all Dad kept talking about afterwards. So maybe it was a surprise party for him, because he was the most surprised of all.

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