Sunday, November 3, 2013

Insanity, day two

Mom is still gone and Dad is SO crazy!! But he did feed me twice and took me to the park, so maybe he is not all the way gone. Maybe he will still get better.

But this is how it happens now... Dad spends all morning in the empty bedroom, rubbing the walls with stinky stuff. Then he moves all the stuff he just took out of that room the day before BACK INTO IT! AND he also moves ALL of the stuff that was in the other bedroom in there too! And it looks like he's about to rub stinky stuff on those wall now. His hand box has been even screaming noises at him ever since Mom disappeared. I don't know. This still looks pretty bad.

I tried to stay near him in the morning when he was being really crazy with the wall rubbing and stinky stuff. You know I love stinky smells the most! But this stuff gets inside your head and starts to push it in circles. So I had to leave. And then I tried to get him to take a break with me by bringing a ball down to play with. But he just kept rubbing those walls!

I used to be SO sad when Dad would leave me alone all day. Now I miss those days THE MOST! But this is the new Dad and I still love (LOVE!) him, because he's still my Dad. But you can still send help. Because he's still SO crazy. And as long as you're sending someone over anyway, can you have them bring food?

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