Friday, November 22, 2013

Still the same

Its funny to me how people and doggies can be so different and still be the same in so many ways. Like people are slow and walk funny, while doggies are fast and graceful walkers. But both people and doggies both love to go on long walks. And like how doggies are cute and fuzzy and people are scary-looking with no fur and ugly paws. But both people and doggies love to snuggle. And doggies can love (LOVE THE MOST!!) being petted by those ugly, ugly people-paws. And how people can love (LOVE!) so many things that a doggie just doesn't care about - like those hand boxes people carry everywhere. But both people and doggies are still the same when they want whatever someone else has just because they don't already have it.

Even when I have my tennis ball right in my mouth, if I see another doggie chasing his tennis ball, I have to chase it too. And if someone has a thing that is small and squeaks, then I want it THE MOST right away, even if I am already stomping my paws on a thing that squeaks. And if I see Mom and Dad with a thing that I think is food, then I have to ask for it right away... Even if it smells awful and I know I'm not going to like it even before I get to taste it.

And when I am inside alone all day and everyone else it gone outside somewhere, then I want to be outside SOOOO MUCH!!! Like when I am at my Grandma's house and everyone who was there with me left to be outside without me. And I just want to go out and run and chase, and sniff and play, and fight and lay in the sun, and of course poop and pee. And all day long I dream about which thing I'm going to do the most when I finally do get outside again, because it has been SO LONG, FOREVER since I was last outside!!!

And then finally, FINALLY, some people come home. And I beg them to let me outside... And they let me out!!! But they don't come with me. They all just stay inside. And at first I do all the things I said I was going to do... that I dreamed all day about doing... that I was made to do! But it is not as fun as I thought it would be... And I can see everyone is inside now... And there is food and playing and snuggling and all the best things are in THERE! What am I doing outside?!

But sometimes it's not exactly like that. Sometimes when I see them inside, they look funny to me. No... they look at me in a funny way... It's like they're looking at all the things I'm doing outside and they are wondering why they have to be inside. And they are thinking about all of the fun things they could be doing outside... and, of course, about pooping and peeing, too. And that's when I know again that even though everything is different between us, we are still the same in so many ways.

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