Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Uh oh!


Sometimes something is so easy that you take it for granted. You never even think about how it gets done or how you do it. You just do it and go on to your next thing. And then sometimes, I don't know why... maybe something happens just a little different and you notice it, or you see someone else do it in a way you never knew about before, or maybe you get interrupted right in the middle of doing it, and you don't know how to get back to the part you were just doing... and whatever it is, it makes you think about something that you never even needed to think about before. And you start to wonder...

Where does all this poop come from? I mean besides my butt. How do I make it? How do I even know how to make it? Did I learn this by watching someone else do it, or did I figure it out just by myself? I don't remember doing either. How do I know if I'm doing it right? Maybe it's not even me that is doing it! Is there someone else in there that makes all this poop and pushes it out for me? If something happens to that guy, then what?

And then you are thinking about pooping too much. So then it starts to come out different. And then that makes you think about it even more...

What is going on back there?! Hey poop guy! Are you okay? Do you need me to wiggle more... or maybe I should wiggle less? Would it help more if I slept straight, or maybe I should only sleep curled into a ball? Are you even there still? Did I poop you out by mistake?!!

And then it really starts to get under your fur... the thinking not the pooping - because then you stop pooping AT ALL!! Because all of the sudden none of it makes any sense any more. Or maybe it is because that poop guy fell out and you didn't know so you walked away and now he can't find you. And you don't know where to find him or where to get someone else who will crawl into your butt and make more poop for you... And you think about THAT and then your not even sure if THAT makes sense. And that's how you know that you forgot how to poop.


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  1. Ohhh wait!!!! ...I know how again!!!! Welcome back home, poop guy!