Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So much better

OMG!!! It has been SOOOOO LONG since I had any!!! It has been so crazy, insane here -- with all of the nesting that is not all-the-way nesting, and the tiny-chewy-things that I can't chew yet but that keep coming in everyday -- And it has been maybe two or three days already since I last met you.

But this morning I finally met you again and it. was. so. good. THE BEST!!! And you know how you can always feel, smell, see, hear, and whatever something THE MOST when you haven't whatevered any of those things with it for the longest time? Well that's exactly how it was this morning! And when Dad picked up the kong-thing I could ALREADY hear you, even though he hadn't put any of you in it yet. And I swear I heard you say, "Bed." And Dad's been teaching me to go to my new new middle-floor bed whenever I want food the most, so I went straight there, because I was hoping that was YOU telling me to go to my bed.

And then you/kong must have told Dad to go into the food-room, because that's where he went next. AND HE DID IT!!! He put you into kong! And I stayed on my bed, because I KNEW it was you who told me to go there, even though I wanted to come kiss you RIGHT AWAY!! And Mom and Dad did some stuff, but I didn't really see what it was. And they said some stuff, but I just heard, "blah, blah, blah." ...Maybe... I'm not even sure if that was what they were saying. I just kept looking at right at you, and listening for you to say something to me. And smelling you SO MUCH the MOST!!!

And then finally... and I KNEW you would... you said, "Downstairs!" And I heard you SO LOUD!!! And I jumped up off my bed and ran right past everyone including you, and I went Downstairs, just like you told me to. And then you came down too and we both laid down together, and I waited for you to say, "Okay, Nima!" But you just said, "wait... wait... wait..." And you were so loud you almost hurt my ears, but I didn't move because you didn't want me to. And then time was SOOOO slow, like it is when you've been waiting for something FOREVER and you know it is going to happen in just a little bit - but those little bits keep getting further and further apart... then you FINALLY said it!!! And I jumped up and ate you all up the MOST!!! And I hope that was what you meant, because that was exactly what I was thinking I'd do when you said that.

And from now on I am calling you peanut better, because that is what you always are when I meet you again.

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  1. Oh Nima!!! I loves loves loves peanutty butters! OMP! It is like the best treat ever. I never get it in a Kong though. Being a pug princess, I simply don't do Kongs.
    Love Noodles