Friday, November 15, 2013

Pun more time

The biggest problem with puns is that once you start making them, you just can't stop. Puns are awful, painful, and they are an embarrassment to anyone who uses them. But some are also SOOOO clever. Here are the best (BEST!!!) puns I have ever heard!

  • Cat-astrohe. Because that is actually what it is whenever I try to meet a real cat.
  • When you're pooping, you're not just passing time. Poop puns are always fun, because the word poop is fun all by itself. In fact, you can almost always get a smile from someone if you just include the word poop.
  • Smell me about yourself. This one is friendly, AND it is the right way to meet someone! If you're going to tell puns, you might as well try to make friends at the same time. You're going to need them.
  • Bon-A-Pet-Treat. Any pun that involves giving food to doggies is smart, smart, smart!
  • We should get to nose each other. Friendly... Socially correct... And just hearing it makes me want to sniff your butt.
  • You must have been scent from heaven. This might be coming on too strong. But, no... I'm blushing under my fur. You are definitely winning me over. I love (LOVE!) you the MOST!!! So, why don't you come up and poop with me some time?

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