Saturday, August 31, 2013


Cats are so cool! I love cats. I mean I LOVE cats!! I think. I've never actually really met one. But I've seen a few. There used to be a bunch of cats that lived behind my house that I first lived in with my now-and-forever Mom and Dad. I would go back there with Mom or Dad on our walks sometimes and the cats would be there, lying around (I love to lie around!), or walking slowly (I LOVE going on walks!!). And they would poop and pee the best foods EVER into some sandy box that someone put back there. (Oh that stuff was SOOOO GOOD!!!)

And they would hunt. And I would sit at the top of the scary spinning stairs that were behind my house and I would watch them hunt. They would hunt those little grey guys who had stringy tails and who did seem to know the right place for themselves... most of the time. But when those guys forgot where their right place was, the cats back there would catch them and tell them right away. I wanted to be best buddies with all of those cats! We had so much in common.

But cats are strange, too. They don't seem to like anyone. I tried to say, "Hi!" the nicest and most eager way I knew how, but they didn't want to say hi back. Instead they got big and scary and made leaking sounds. And it made me not so sure about being their friends just right then. And plus I was usually with Dad, who was scared I'd drop our rope and he would get lost, so he would pull me back before I could tell them how much we had in common.

And now we moved to the place that Mom and Dad call Santa Monica. And sometimes I find other cats on my walks. And they look like they like to walk, and hunt, and poop yummy foods. So I try to say, "Hi!" the nicest and most eager way I know how to them too. But they don't want to say hi back either. And they get bigger and leakier, too. And plus dad still gets scared about getting lost, so that hasn't really worked out for me so far.

But when I see them from my balcony, I watch them. And I see how they slow walk and how they look at the fluffy douchebag squirrels the same way that I do. And they think about chasing them the way that I think about it, but even more. And I know we would be best buddies with so much in common. So I sing out my happy-friendly bark-song to them. But they just look at me hard and long without smiling, or twisting their heads to one side, or singing back, or coming over, or anything. Then they slow walk away.

Yeah... Cats are so cool!

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