Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I fell for it again.

Dad had the peanut butter ball and... You know how you can always hear people the best when they have food? I think it is because being smelly make things louder. Or it makes everything else quieter. Or you have to do whatever food says, because food is awesome and when people have food it is like they can talk through the food. Yeah, that sounds the most right. People can talk through food.

So Dad said through the peanut butter that I should go "Downstairs!" and since I like peanut butter so much (SO MUCH!!!), I did what it said. And he left it there with me and  Peanut Butter told me to "wait...  wait... wait..." So I did... and did... and did... Then it made a snap sound and said, "Okay, Nima!" And I jumped up and ate it all up, because that is what I wanted it to mean by that. 

Then I was by myself in the downstairs.  Again. 

It happens a lot. No, Dad, I said, "alot."  It happens alot. I keep listening to Peanut Butter tell me to go "Downstairs" and then "Wait" and then "Okay" and then everyone is gone.

And downstairs used to be more fun.  There used to be all kinds of tasty chewy things on the high place that I could reach and pull down. Some of them tasted minty, some tasted funky, some tasted soapy, and orangey, and flowery... But now there's nothing up there. So downstairs isn't as much fun as it used to be. Now I mostly worry and sleep until Peanut Butter brings everyone else back. Sometimes it takes a while and I worry that Mom and Dad got lost. They get lost real easy if I'm not there. It's so bad they have to tie a rope between us when we go out so that I can help them find their way home. I don't know how they get back without me. I just wait and hope that Peanut Butter tells them the right way back before they eat it. 

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