Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grown-up doggie

My Mom and Dad say that I act just like a puppy. And that's true, but it's also not right. Everything is SO new, and exciting, and confusing to a puppy. And I still love (LOVE!!!) almost everything like a puppy can - I love new things, and people, and doggies the most!! But most things are not new to me anymore, because I know things way more than a puppy does.

I told you yesterday how confusing even walking down the street can be to a puppy, because so many things move like they're alive even when they're not. And even now I can get fooled by a silly plastic bag that slowly stands up and then walks down the path when the wind makes it do that. But then when I feel the wind too, I know again that it is just a silly plastic bag... Then I run and jump on it anyway because that is still SO MUCH FUN!!!

And I know lots of other things, like where my food comes from (the small room behind the food-room), and where my water comes from (the thing that carries it from the thing that pours it out of the wall), and I know when to stay away from Dad (when he calls my name like he wants me to go into the big bowl that steals my smell-name). And there are SO MANY other things that I know that a puppy doesn't. And that all means that I don't have to be as confused, or worried, or scared as a puppy can be. But it doesn't mean I don't get to play the most, or get excited when I smell a new person or doggie, or dance when it is time to go outside!

Being a grown-up doggie is THE BEST! Because it means you know how to calm down, but it also means that you don't have to. And it means that you know what's wrong, but you can still get to play at not being right.

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