Saturday, July 27, 2013

Being re-tired

Grandma is here!

I have two grandmas but this is the one who lets me dig as much as I want. She also rubs my head the best! And she laughs no matter what I do.

Dad says she is re-tired now, but she looks nice and rested to me. (It means what, Dad? How does it mean that?!) So retired is another word that makes no sense. If it was just about when you were done working forever, then it should be called too-tired, or done-at-last, or i-quit. Also everyone keeps talking about what she will do next, so it doesn't sound like she is done at all. Maybe we should say that she is refreshed, or restarted, or not-working-there-anymore.

The way people talk about work makes no sense, too. Mom and Dad sometimes talk about work like it is a place they go to, but sometimes they are right here and say they are at work. And when they are at work here, it looks like they are doing the same things they do when they say that they are not working: They just stare, and rub, and tap their tap-boxes, and sometimes they talk into their hand boxes. So work is just doing stuff you always do wherever you are. Maybe it is different because when you are working and you get sleepy you don't take a nap. I see Mom and Dad do that a lot. And I can see why that would make you tired. But if you are done not taking naps forever then you shouldn't be re-tired. I think grandma can only be re-tired if she goes back to work after she i-quit.

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