Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dadless, day two or three?

Dad is still missing, and I think I was missing too!

Yesterday BigFunGuy took me to the Doggie Goddess place again! And it was my favorite because I never go two days in a row and I had SO MUCH FUN(!!!) that I forgot that Dad was missing. And I feel really bad about that. And this is what happened...

Sometimes I stay at Doggie Goddess place and don't come home, and that's what just happened to me. When I got there, I played, and sang, and napped, and ran, and played all day long! And then BigFunGuy didn't put me in his car when he left. And ReallyFunLady said I can stay and she gave me food, and a bed, and she started bedtime, and then I was asleep, because I was already SO sleepy. And when I woke up I was still there! And I got to play all over again and it was A! M! A! Z! I! N! G!!!!! And it was so amazing that I forgot that Dad was missing. And I forgot to look for him, or to ask anyone if they smelled him anywhere.

And today BigFunGuy put me in his car with the other doggies and took us each back to our homes. And I came in and no one was there and that's when I remembered again that Dad was lost. And I wondered if he found home and left again or just never found home at all. Because I was gone a long time too and I don't know if he came home and saw that I was missing and left to look for me. And I sang a sad-bark song before I fell asleep because I was too tired to start looking for him. Also because BigFunGuy closed the gate at the top of the stairs that I don't know how to open. And later Mom came home and fed me. And we played bouncy ball. And I caught the ball the best! And it made me forget again to look for Dad. And now I feel really bad again because there is still no Dad, and now Mom is starting bedtime without Dad!! WTF!!! (I think that's how I'm supposed to say that.)

So if you see Dad looking for me, tell him that I'm home and he can stop looking for me. And if he is lost tell him that he is lost, that home is here, and he should come home. And I'm going to take Mom looking for him in the morning if he is not back when we go out for our walk. And this time I will find him and I will make sure he takes the rope and holds it even when we are back home so that he will never get lost for so long again EVER!

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